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Everyday I come to work and look forward to the funny, goofy, humorous, controversial emails my Dad sends me on a daily basis. Aside from the silly emails like the email he sent me with an application of Tiger Woods driving his Cadillac is a scurry from his wife, Elin Nordegren, as she chased him with a golf club. While were on the topic of Tiger Woods, I think the who scandal is first of all ridiculous and second, the media is paying way too much attention to the wrong doing of Tiger woods when they can be focusing on maybe relief efforts in Chile or Haiti. The Today Show made a really good point this morning. People are shocked Tiger Woods is coming back to Golf. Golf is Tiger’s profession, it’s what he does. If you worked at Disney World and committed adultery as Tiger has, would you leave work and not go back? Negative (of course that would be the decision of Disney to take you back). I think it’s really unfortunate what he did to Elin. They have two beautiful children together. What do you think his motivation was?  

Of course as an audience to this controversial issue, we cannot be sure as to the exact events that occurred pertaining to Tiger Woods and his mistresses. We can only believe what we see on television and the news, or not believe, or not care. 

I won’t get started on my relationship spiel in this particular blog however I will say I look at Tiger is an entire different light after hearing of this. I believe in healthy relationships and marriage but at the end of the day you hear story after story of this sort of thing happening all over the US and all over the world. What is the point in investing your time, effort, and life into something when your spouse can wake up one morning with a change of heart? Whatever happens with Tiger, I wish him and Elin all the best in their future and back Elin 100% with whatever choice she does make.  

Tiger and Elin

Tiger and Elin- The once happy couple.


Back to Dad’s emails. Today Dad sent me an email, put many things into perspective with my generation and our future, check this out…  



A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward.  Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite. This is only a 1 minute, 44 second video and it is brilliant.   Make sure you read as well as listen.forward and backward.  


This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled “u @ 50″ by AARP. This video won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause.  So simple and yet so brilliant. Take a minute and watch it. This is phenomenal – enjoy!”  

We have the ability to make a change in the world. What will you do to contribute?


March Madness just tipped off this afternoon at 11:20am with a match-up between BYU and Florida. Although I was unable to watch the game, BYU took the lead to seal the victory at 99-92 in double overtime. Next up we have Notre Dame and Old Dominion in a disappointing upset as OD took the victory by one point 51-50. ND shot a 3-point shot with just a few seconds left to tie up the game, however it jumped back out and after a put back in the point, the effort was only awarded two points. This is the beginning to a very messed up bracket this year. Murry St. just beat Vanderbilt in a surprising upset with a buzzer beater. Great shot I must admit although it does tear my bracket apart just as much. Villanova took the lead over Robert Morris in overtime to seal the win at 73-70. Twelve more games to go today.. Gotta love MARCH MADNESS!

The MSU Women’s basketball team just walked out the door to travel to Louisville, KY. They will play Bowling Green at noon on Saturday. Don’t forget to catch MSU men play at 7:20 on Friday. I have to admit I have them going all the way to the championship game and winning it! I have faith in my Sparty nation.

Today was quite productive. I held a meeting for my ADV 486 group campaign. We have to create a campaign for Michigan State University Federal Credit Union in regards to retaining senior college graduate memberships. This is why I love advertising. We find a problem and try to solve it through creative thinking and strategic application. We will present mid-April to our client and of five groups, only one campaign will be selected. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tonight I have my very first meeting with my Cape Town group. I’m very delighted to meet everyone tonight. The main purpose of the meeting is to touch base and purchase World Cup tickets.

Here are the host cities in SA

Host cities in South Africa

These are all the host cities in South Africa. I think we’re only purchasing tickets in Cape Town. Here are the matches occurring in Cape Town:


Date – Time Stage     Results    
11 June – 20:30 Group A Uruguay France
14 June – 20:30 Group F Italy Paraguay
18 June – 20:30 Group C England Algeria
21 June – 13:30 Group G Portugal Korea DPR
24 June – 20:30 Group E Cameroon Netherlands
29 June – 20:30 Round of 16   1H 2G  
03 July – 16:00 Quarter-finals   2 4  
06 July – 20:30 Semi-finals   A C

As I’m not a faithful soccer fan, I don’t know which games I will be attending nor do I know much about the “must see” matchups. I am learning though and slowly but surely I am becoming more soccer literate!

Green Point Stadium

This is where we will be watching the games. Beautiful. Here is what fifa.com has to say about the Green Point Stadium just completed last year in 2009;

Green Point Stadium

One of the most artistic football venues in South Africa, the newly built Green Point Stadium is situated in one of the much sought-after areas in the city of Cape Town. Green Point Stadium is one of the two semi-final venues for the FIFA World Cup™.

This multi-purpose venue is also going to be used to stage major events and concerts. Fans will be a stone’s throw from the ocean and the mountains of Cape Town will also provide the backdrop for matches. The location is ideal as it is a short walk from the transportation hub of the city. The new stadium has been partly built on land that was previously used as a golf course.

The stadium, which has an exterior that is covered with noise-reducing cladding has a capacity of 70,000 and is scheduled for completion in December 2009. The Green Point Common, on which the new 2010 stadium is being built, was originally much larger than what now remains, and included most of the land between the sea and Signal Hill, stretching from the city centre towards Sea Point.

Cape Town has another world-standard stadium, Newlands, but this is primarily used as a rugby union venue.  Post FIFA World Cup, the Green Point Stadium is likely to be used by some of the Cape Town-based professional football outfits that include Ajax Cape Town and Santos.

Check this out and more of the 2010 World Cup at FIFA.com.

After talking to a very intelligent,  fellow world traveler herself, Stacey told me about her experiences abroad and recommended I keep fam and friends updated through a blog site. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Since I’ve already created this blog site for New Media Driver’s License (Thanks Derek :)) I will be blogging about my experience in Cape Town, South Africa this summer. I will be sending out a link prior to my departure so please stay tuned…!

Lesson Learned

I coach an AAU basketball team for Capital City Express. CCE is a very well-known club in the Lansing area. I coach the 12U Division II team (7th graders). This past weekend we had a tournament at Eastern Michigan University. It ended bitter-sweet. Here is the story:

Saturday we arrived at EMU. We had our first game around 2:30pm. We played the Wolf pack. Let me begin by telling you this was a Division I tournament. We’ve only played in DI tournaments this season. As a coach, I think me girls can hang with any DI team. They are just as good, they just have to work as hard and want it as much as the other DI teams. Perhaps we have a lack in confidence which is what I’ve noticed since the beginning of the season and thus have been working on. I list 3 goals at the beginning of each match up on the white board for the girls to complete. They are usually in this order:

1. Be aggressive

2. Box out


Yes I will admit we get it handed to use each any every weekend, aside from the occasional one or two close games throughout the tourney. The girls do get frustrated, they do get mad at each other, and they do get the look in their eyes of defeat. This has been my biggest challenge yet. I hate to see the girls get down on themselves. Apparently the board is scheduling my team in more DII tourneys, I think the girls need this!

This is my first time coaching. I love it. I love teaching younger girls a skill that I’m passionate about. I’ve played basketball my whole life, and now I work in it. I love the questions they ask me, creating the game plan and especially the bond between each and every player as a coach.

So I have only one issue with coaching aau. The parents. Let’s keep in mind this is 7th grade basketball. For privacy sake, I cannot go into detail with certain issues regarding parents. I will touch base on this past weekend events.

So during our first game on Saturday, a father of one of my players yelled at my assistant coach, yes during our game in front of all players and parents. The second game, the same father yet again came up to my assistant coach unbeknownst to me as I was on the other side of the bench and used profanity towards her and my team. She was so upset she came to me very mad and ready to leave. I had to talk her out of this, I need her there with me, and in turn I was very upset a parent would actually do this pertaining to a 7th grade basketball team. This is suppose to be fun. So after the game the mother comes running up to me extremely upset because he daughter is not playing as much as she would like to see. I continued to calm her down and explain to her that he daughter is not playing as hard as she can due to various reasons and there are other girls who are working harder for their playing time.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had a problem with these parents.

After the tournament my assistant and I began to question our goal of the team. Being the DII team, is our goal to play competitively to win, or to get equal playing time amongst all eleven players? I personally am competitive and teach my girls to work hard and never give up. If we gave each player the same amount of playing time what message would this send to them? That they don’t have to work hard to earn their minutes?

 I believe that everything you experience in life should be used as a learning experience and that is exactly what coaching this year has taught me. Not only has it taught me to be a leader, I’ve experienced a new crowd of people and how to handle certain situations. Nothing is ever easy in life, you have to suck it up in certain situations and prevail in the end.

We play in Swartz Creek this weekend on Saturday and I’m told more DII teams will attend. This will be good for the girls, hopefully boost their confidence levels! Wish us luck 🙂

Spring break is right around the corner– literally! Technically Michigan State University spring break begins Monday of next week. However, many students take off early, well into the prior week and this give professors the equal opportunity to assign pop quizes or homework assignments at the end of the week. My roommate just went through this today. I stopped by the apartment this morning to let my dog Dolce, a yorkshire terrier, outside and she was home preparing to go to class only to drop off her homework assignment and leave.

I on the other hand, am not going anywhere for break. I will be going to South Africa June 2nd for an internship and let’s just say it is not cheap. I will say, whatever the cost involved, study abroad is probably the most important opportunity to take advantage of during your collegiate career. If you haven’t done it and are nearly just pondering the idea, DO IT!

I will be staying in East Lansing for the week to work work work! I need to start saving money to finance this trip.

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break and stay out of trouble :).

Look how gorgeous it is!!

I love Sushi!

So I’m still exploring this blogging site and I found this QuickPress submission box which I don’t know what it’s for or how to use it and thus I will talk about my obsession with sushi then submit to see what happens.

Tonight I went to Noodles and Co. to participate in a fundraiser held by the East Lansing Baseball Club. I watch two young boys in the morning, and take them to school. One of them, Ian, plays baseball for this club.

Anywho, I invited my good friend Smili and my roommate Sharde to join me. The entire time we sat there, eating our noodles, we couldn’t stop talking about sushi. Sushi this, sushi here, sushi there.

I am in love with sushi. I could eat it here or there, I could eat it anywhere. Yes I’m trying to rhyme like Dr. Seuss however not as good. So Smili and I, hopefully Sharde too will be going out for sushi this weekend at iFusion. Sarah works here, whom I went to Europe with, so I’m enthused at the chance to see her :).

Do yourself a favor and eat some sushi!

So, hello! This is my very first experience as a member of a blogging site. I’m not sure I am comfortable with the whole blogging idea just yet. I can imagine, for the past 10 years, of parents and administrators warning my generation to watch what we put out on the web in fear of backlash. Once something is published it will forever remain in cyber world right? Who knows for sure? I just hope when I run for President of the US, I will not be blackmailed with blogging content. But then again, by that time who knows how  technology will dominate our world as it has already taken over the most time in our daily lives.

Anywho, I will focus my blog on the life of a college senior and the obstacles I must overcome to get to where I’m going. Being a college student isn’t easy and hopefully those future undergraduates can find my blog useful in their search for success. I will also use this blog to help improve my writing skills. As a advertising major, and science and math student, writing is not a strong asset I hold. Ask Dad, he will agree. I probably send him minimum ten documents a week for edit. I love you Dad!